Monday, May 25, 2009

The Start of a New Season

Just got done watching the re-run of the first episode of the fifth (I think that's right) season of what used to be my favorite reality TV show - Jon & Kate Plus 8. In light of the recent events portrayed in the media I find it painful to watch what little (if any) interaction they (Jon and Kate) have on the new show...I'm saddened by the whole thing...I thought they would be the ones to beat the odds of having a reality show, but I'm losing hope. "...Parents of multiples have triple the rate of divorce...", as stated by Kate. Is that true? If so, being parents of multiples ourselves, is it best for us to stay unmarried?


  1. That could be a true statistic, but as a parent of multiples my experience is that it brought us closer together! Kind of an us against them/teamwork strategy LOL!

    I think that Jon & Kate's problems have been overstimulated by their public presence and now the horrible paparazzi!

  2. I was surprised while watching their season premier the other night how distant they had become with each other. I had been reading about their problems these last few weeks, but had hoped that it was just the media conjuring up something. It is too bad. I thought they had a good partnership/marriage going on. Doesn't look like that now...