Monday, May 25, 2009

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday- My Pantry

"Full" after my monthly grocery trip.

We're HUGE Gerber fans (as you can see) but I'm a bit disappointed with them after the recent email reply I received from my initial contact with them. I will continue to buy their products but after realizing that we're shelling out 2/3 of our grocery budget just for baby food (on top of the unsatisfactory reply) I'm urged to get them on the "real food" bandwagon sooner than I would've liked.

Water for their humidifier.

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  1. I love it!! I have tons of stockpiles too, but you beat me by far in the neatness category! You rock!

  2. Wow! A mother of twins and soooo organized too! Pretty impressive.

    Happy Wordful Wednesday!

  3. Woah! That is a lot of baby food! I usually buy Gerber, too. What happened with them?

  4. ooooo food. i do enjoy food

  5. I am 14 and then 16 yrs older then my brothers so this is a tip I learned from my mom but it might work for you to make the transition from baby food to solids. Whenever we had say a pasta dish or rice or stew etc my mom would just put some in the food processor and feed it that way to my brothers and on Sundays would boil some vegetables and then food processor it and freeze it either in ice cube trays or plasic bags! Maybe this will help out since then the kids are eating the same food as everyone else!