Saturday, May 2, 2009


As I was cleaning up after tonight's night of boxing (I might now be convinced that Pacquiao is a pretty good boxer) I decided that I could use some pictures in this bloggy thing and what better pictures than something I take pride in:

The Girls' Kitchen

I did some customizing (the refrigerator/freezer did not come with door shelves)

As with all my "projects", their kitchen is still a work in progress.


  1. Stopping by from the MBC 100's to follow and say hello. We have the same kitchen and I love what you did with the suction cups baskets!!! So smart and crative! I will have to try that :)

  2. Sorry.. mind working faster than my fingers...I meant "creative" not "crative" :)

  3. Great kitchen and I love the carpet you have in front of it. Welcome to the Mom Bloggers Club.

  4. Hi! Stopped by from MBC under 100 followers group!

    What a great idea!!! I must try that!

    Come check out the mayhem!