Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm New!

I am so new to this and so not internet/blog savvy and super paranoid about...well, just about everything...I just don't know where to begin...'s my story:

I am the mother of BEAUTIFUL twin girls (22mos)...that pretty much sums it up! But if you must know more...I just turned 26 (I think that's right), I like to call my "fiance" my "husband" ( I might as well), I LOVE my kids, my "husband", "shopping in my pajamas", reading, cooking and hanging out with friends.


  1. Hi its Iyana,nice blog by the way! :-). I was just asking if you could follow me too!

    P.S my mom thought she left you a comment, but I guess not. But she says to follow her anyways.

  2. Okay so I am back to actually leave a comment. So that's it. :) Follow Me

  3. okay so i guess your not following me. Go to my page and then click on the follow blog on the top toolbar.